Our five cabins, with a striking architectural design, are located near the Imperial River and offer a beautiful view of the river and the Pacific Ocean.


18 de Septiembre S/N
Puerto Saavedra
IX Region (Araucanía)

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The BudiHuapi Inn is located in the town of Puerto Saavedra, near the Imperial River and approximately 15 meters from the beach. Each cabin has two floors, three bedrooms, a desk, bathroom, and kitchen. All the cabins are completely equipped, including a connection to Internet.
Our commitment is to provide high quality service and assure the comfort of our guests. As a result, we make sure to offer our guests:
  • Five cabins with open spaces, well illuminated, sunny, functional, and equipped with design furniture, TV and a stereo.
  • Our beds are of high quality to assure a truly restful visit.

Additional Services
BudiHuapi offers housing, restaurant, café, and meeting hall services all year round. Our commitment is to provide high quality service and assure the comfort of our guests.

As a result, we offer our guests the following services:
  • Childcare.
  • Company meals.
  • Banquets for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.

Each cabin is equipped with Internet service located on the second floor where, while working, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Imperial River and the Pacific Ocean.

Event Hall
BudiHuapi Inn offers a large, well-equipped Event Hall with a spectacular view of the Imperial River and Pacific Ocean and a capacity for 45 people. We offer an exceptional location to hold company meetings or any type of workshop that requires quality service.

The Hall is also available for banquets, cocktails, or meals.

Site Features

  • Events Center
  • Restaurant
Optional Services
  • Babysitting

Cabin Features

  • Audio (CD)
  • Audio (Radio)
  • TV (No Cable/Satellite)
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Fridge
  • Gas Stove
  • Tableware
  • Ocean View
  • Internet
* All these features may not be available in all cabins.

Activities And Attractions

    • River and Ocean Fishing: From November to March.
    • Hiking: Discover the privileged natural environment of Huapi Island.
    • Boat Rides: On Budi Lake, the only salt lake in South America.
    • Motor Boat Rides: Travel up the Imperial River to the town of Carahue.
    • Horse Riding : On the beach.
    • Weaving Workshops: Learn about traditional Mapuche weaving (looms).
    • Basket Weaving Workshops: Vegetable fiber (pita and chupón). Workshops of 2 - 3 hrs.


    Puerto Saavedra is a small town located on the Pacific coast, 85 Kms. on paved roads from the City of Temuco in southern Chile. Its history, landscape, natural environment, and the traditions of the Mapuche communities are well-known outside of Chile.

    Unsurprisingly, Puerto Saavedra and its surrounding areas have inspired the creations of important artists.
    • Pablo Neruda
      The area captivated this Nobel Prize winning poet early in his youth, including its imagery in some of his early poetry . . .
    • Ricardo Larraín
      This cineaste used the scenario of Puerto Saavedra, its streets and landscapes in his award-winning movie "La Frontera"(1991)...
    • Jaime Huenún
      Puerto Saavedra, its people and landscape, are included in the poetry of this famous Mapuche Poet, winner of the Pablo Neruda Award in 2003...

    • Lago Budi (Budi Lake)
      It is located at 6.2 miles west from Puerto Saavedra. It's the most southerly salty lake in the world. It's the habitat for more than 134 bird species such as black-necked swans and cormorants. A few islands and peninsulae form a beautiful landscape.
    • Playa Maule(Maule Beach)
      At 1.2 miles from Puerto Saavedra it extends for 2.5 miles. It's the main beach in the area and you cannot miss it while visiting Puerto Saavedra.
    • Boca Budi (Budi Mouth)
      Just 1.8 miles from the town you where Budi Lake and Pacific Ocean becomes one. It's known as land of black-necked swans.
    • La Ruca Lafken Leufu (Lafken Leufu Hut)
      An interesting place to visit. Here they recreate Mapuche's way of living in a well conserved natural landscape.
    • Río Imperial Navigation (Imperial River Navigation)
      Carehue. Because it's the only city in Cautín line that had a navigational river it became the only fluvial port of the Araucanía.


    Phone (land line): (56) 45-634263
    Phone (mobile): 986624910
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    Please contact owner for rates.
    When making a reservation, remember to check with the owner that the cabin corresponds to what you are expecting.