A quiet and beautiful corner of the property nestles the 11 cabins among well taken care flower gardens. Our service is always personalized, constantly supervised by the owners. Our lodging includes breakfast.


Longitudinal Sur Km. 145 - Enlace Tinguiririca
VI Region (O'Higgins)

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Number of cabins: 11
Cabin capacities: 2, 3, 5, 6


Cabañas Los troncos were conceived as an innovative idea of it’s owners, the Molina-Zúñiga family, 28 years ago.

Their work and perseverance, personal qualities that go back to the family’s Spanish and German ancestors, have made of this a very pleasant place to stay and overnight in the San Fernando area of Chile.

You can spend a nice moment under the old cypress trees, read a book enjoying it’s shade or maybe a light trekking in the neighbour hill, that belongs to the property, will give you and your family the relaxation you seek.

In sunny days the best is to take a swim in the pool, exclusive for visitors, and enjoy a cool drink.

  • 11 cabins implemented to host between 2 and 6 persons.
  • Private parking.
  • Bedrooms with single and matrimonial beds
  • Dinning room.
  • Living room.
  • Kitchen.
  • TV set.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Bathroom.

Swimming pool
Amongst it’s natural spaces, Cabañas Los Troncos offers to it’s passengers the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful swimming pool, surrounded of green vegetation and web taken cared gardens.

To escape from the hot weather or just to enjoy a sun bath, come to Los Troncos and you will experience the many alternatives of having a great time with us.

Site Features

No information available.

Cabin Features

  • Living Room
  • Private Parking
  • Separate Dining Room
  • TV (No Cable/Satellite)
  • Fridge
  • Tableware
* All these features may not be available in all cabins.

Activities And Attractions

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Hotel Cabañas Los Troncos is the starting point to many places of historic and touristic places of interest, which we suggest you to visit.

Located only at 20 kilometers South of San Fernando, is the origin of whicker crafts, which is exhibited and sold year round in shops located on both sides of the higway. There are many utilitary items made of whicker: baskets, tables, boxes, trunks, animal figures, furniture and many others.

Del Flaco Thermal Baths
The Termas del Flaco are located at 77 Km. East of San Fernando, in the heart of the Andes mountains, at an altitude of 1,736 meters above sea level.
This place is amongst one of the best thermal water springs because of their water quality, due to their characteristics and composition, in addition of it’s climate, are greatly appreciated for it’s curative particularities.

Capital city of the Cardenal Caro province and located only at 124 Km. Of San Fernando, in the Pacific coast.
Pichilemu offers wonderful seafood restaurants, unique clay pottery, particular to this area, beautiful black sand beaches, all good for swimming, windsurf and fishing.

Sierras De Bellavista
40 Km. of San Fernando, towards the Andes, this maginificent area raises in between dense forest.
This beautiful place, which has been since long time ago a refuge for quietness and peace, was before part of the Bellavista, Talhuensillo, Barrancas and El Guanaco farms. It was Mr. Dante Lepori who had the idea of this mountain village taking the example of the Italian villages.

This is a small village located 20 Km. North of San Fernando. It’s particularity is given by it’s unique pink stone craft developed by the local artisans, who carve coffee table bases, water fountains and diverse stones for flooring.

Colchagua Museum
30 minutes drive towards the coast you will find the city of Santa Cruz, which holds one of the most complete and beautiful museums in the country.

The Wine Route
The farm owners of the Colchagua Valley have opened the doors to their wineries to show part of the winemaking secrets to their visitors.
The wine route program is an organized visit to the local boutique wineries, most of them in the hands of the same traditional families for years, where the process of winemaking can be seen directly, going from the old way to the modern technology used nowadays in these fertile valleys since colonial times.

El Huique Museum
The Museo de El Huique, which is located 45 minutes drive of San Fernando, close to Santa Cruz, is an ancient farm house, which belonged to a Chilean family of Basque origins, which one of it’s members was a former Chilean President, Federico Errázuriz Echaurren (1896-1901).


Phone (land line): (56) 72-713748
Phone (mobile): 87769380
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Please contact owner for rates.
When making a reservation, remember to check with the owner that the cabin corresponds to what you are expecting.

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